Facts about the Country, Population, Language and Geography.

Kingdom of Lesotho
(Muso oa Lesotho)


Lesotho is a democratic, sovereign and independent country
which has an unusual distinction of being completely surrounded
by another country, the republic of South Africa.
The Kingdom of Lesotho is one of the three remaining
monarchies in Africa.

National motto: Khotso (Peace) - Pula (Rain) - Nala (Prosperity)

Anthem: Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona

Monarcy: King Letsie III

Independence Day: 4 October 1966

Mosotho (singular) / ‎Basotho (plural), one of the Basotho
ethnic group or a citizen of The Kingdom Lesotho.

Population: 2,109,197 (2014)

Median Age: 20.9

Urban population: 30 %

Languages: Sesotho (Sotho), English

Capital: Maseru

Currency: Loti (LSL), further divided into 100 lisente.
100 Loti (LSL) = 60.0 NOK = 7.4 USD = 6.5 Euro.
(October 2015, CoinMill.com)

Land area: 30,300 square kilometres

Highest Point asl: 3,482 metres, Thabana Ntlenyana, which literally means "Beautiful little mountain". It is situated on the Mohlesi ridge of the Drakensberg/Maloti Mountains, north of Sani Pass.

Lowest Point asl: 1,400 metres. Over 80 % of the country lies above 1,800 metres.

Map of Lesotho: Click here (Lonely Planet)

(Sources: World Bank, Lesotho Government, LTDC)